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FYI Magazine - Winter 2016

FYI Magazine - Winter 2016

Published January 1st 2016


FROM THE COVER: Ahhhh! It’s that time of year again. As I sit at my desk thinking of how fast the new year came, I think of all it brings…new beginnings, resolutions, goal setting…Ugh! I then realize it’s a time of lying to myself about how I will get “FIT”! I’ve fell victim to this every year, telling myself, “this is the year” I’d finally do what I set out to do, loose weight, eat right, etc.! And every year, I’ve come up short.

This year I propose not to make a goal at all! This year I will reach for success at being fit – mentally, physically and emotionally! We can all do so by ensuring our happiness, workout when we can, enjoy a play or two and read novels throughout the year. The word “fit” is not only in the physical sense, it also has to do with our mental and emotional state. Concentrate on the road of happiness and allow MWR to be a part of the journey.

MWR affords so many opportunities to get & stay “FIT”. This issue of the magazine focuses on the Recreation Division and includes the many things happening within the MWR Community! Remember there are many roads that can lead to success! Happy New Year all!

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