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PREP 8.0 - Healthy Relationships for Couples

Each class is held at the Family Outreach Center from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Dates are listed in the Course Schedule below.

PREP 8.0 courses are designed to help couple achieve their goals in relationships and family. This program is a series of 12 individual modules that train specific techniques and, although they can be taken as separate classes, are best taken together in the 6 week course schedule.

2022 Course Schedule

For more details, call Family Advocacy at +1 (706)791-3695.


Course 1 Topics:

  • The 3 Keys to Success
    Learn the keys for healthy relationships
  • Personality
    Avoid relationship pitfalls by understanding how different personalities see the world and what they value most

Course 2 Topics:

  • Danger Signs & Time Out
    Negative patterns of communication can break down cherished relationships.
  • Anger & Stress
    Managing anger and stress is an important part of maintaining happy and healthy relationships.

Course 3 Topics:

  • Speaker Listener Technique
    This technique helps couples address difficult topics respectfully.
  • Events, Issues & Hidden Issues
    Strategies that will help couples move past superficial arguments.

Course 4 Topics:

  • Fun & Friendship
    Learn to keep the fun and friendship alive and well in a healthy relationship.
  • Commitment
    Understanding what it is and how to cultivate it for a healthier relationship.

Course 5 Topics:

  • Expectations
    Understanding and managing expectations build communication within healthy relationships
  • Problem Solving
    Learn to work together to solve problems.

Course 6 Topics:

  • Love Styles
    Identify the six love styles that provide a framework for understanding how others express love.
  • Road Mapping
    Relationships are journeys to share with loved ones for a better understanding how to relate to one another.


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