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Within My Reach - Healthy Relationships for Individuals

Please Note:
The following courses have been canceled for the time being due to staffing constraints. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Each class is held at the Family Outreach Center from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Dates are listed in the Course Schedule below.

Within My Reach courses are designed to help individuals develop relationship and decision making skills in order to achieve their goals in relationships, family and marriage. This program is a series of 15 modules that train specific techniques and, although they can be taken as separate classes, are best taken together in the 7 week course schedule. 

2022 Course Schedule

For more details, call Family Advocacy at +1 (706)791-3695.


Course 1 Topics:

  • State of Relationships Today
    Learn how most relationships experience very similar relationship issues and how these issues affect other areas of life.
  • Healthy Relationships
    Concepts of what healthy relationships look like and how to cultivate them.

Course 2 Topics:

  • Sliding vs. Deciding
    Making decisions to create safer and healthier relationships.
  • Smart Love
    Seven principles that are designed to guide decisions about whether or not a relationship is healthy.

​​​​​​​Course 3 Topics:

  • Knowing Yourself First
    Learn more about understanding who you are and where you came from which helps to identify strengths and weaknesses in order to make positive changes within your life.
  • Making Your Own Decisions
    Expectations can be a major source of conflict – this class explores a person’s expectations, whether they are realistic or not, and how to deal with these expectations in relationships.

​​​​​​​Course 4 Topics:

  • Dangerous Patterns in Relationships
    Learn the four communication danger signs that show that, although conflict is normal, there are identifiable destructive patterns that affect relationship safety.
  • Where Conflict Begins
    Understand where conflict comes from, how to deal with underlying issues, and the effect it has on children.

​​​​​​​Course 5 Topics:

  • Smart Communication
    Learn how to combat the four communication danger signs and how to complain more effectively.
  • Speaker Listener Technique
    This skill allows you to talk about relationship issues that underlie events and how to increase emotional safety.

​​​​​​​Course 6 Topics:

  • Infidelity, Distrust & Forgiveness
    Consider behaviors you are willing to tolerate from partners and the standards to which you hold yourself.
  • Commitment
    Learn two types of commitment that teach what commitment means in healthy relationships.

​​​​​​​Course 7 Topics:

  • Stepfamilies & Co-Parenting
    How to make these relationships work.
  • Making the Tough Decisions
    Deciding whether or not to stay in a relationship.
  • Reaching Into Your Future
    Relationships visions and overcoming barriers.


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Please Note:
The following courses have been canceled for the time being due to staffing constraints. We apologize for this inconvenience.

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