MWR Texting Service

MWR Texting Service

Stay Connected with MWR by having updates come directly to your phone!

To sign up for all MWR updates, simply text MWR1 to 74574

For BOSS updates, text GordonBOSS to 74574

For CYS Sports updates, text CYSSports to 74574

For Fort Gordon Outdoor Recreation updates, text GordonTASC to 74574

For Gordon Lakes Golf Club updates, text GordonGolf to 74574

If you should need any help, you can reply HELP to 74574


Are the text messages case-sensitive?

No, the case of the characters does not matter when subscribing to this service.


How can I be removed from this texting service?

If you would like to be removed from our texting service, simply reply STOP to 74574.

To be removed from a specific category of texts, reply with one of the following:

  • text STOP GordonBOSS to 74574
  • text STOP CYSSports to 74574
  • text STOP GordonGolf to 74574
  • text STOP GordonTASC to 74574