Need a Tow?

Need a Tow?

Gordon Car Care - 30th St. Bldg 29300 Fort Gordon 30905 Google Map

Is your car acting up and won't start? Are you stuck in a situation and need un-sticking? 

Gordon Car Care provides towing Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is best that all customers speak with Gordon Car Care regarding the type of vehicle as they cannot tow long bed full size pick-ups with a club cab (it is too long) or pick-ups with dual wheels (it is too wide).

Call Gordon Car Care at +1 (706)791-2390 to be towed to the Car Care Center for servicing.

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A tow from on-post to anywhere on-post usually runs $65.

A tow from off-post to anywhere on-post will cost $75 minimum (It may be more depending on how far).

Call Gordon Car Care for a quote, +1 (706)791-2390.