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Written by Jenifer Chrisman on November 21, 2019.


(Law and Order)

– 716th Military Police Battalion Motto


After discharging more than 85,000 enlisted and officer personnel, Camp Gordon was very nearly deserted by June of 1948. It sprang back into prominence in September of the same year after the establishment of the Signal Corps Training Center and a Military Police School, as well as an Engineer Aviation Unit Training Center in January of 1949 (which remained only one year).

Military Police (MP) Corps training was located in the World War II wooden barracks corridor, located between Avenue of the States and Brainard Avenue, as well as the Brems Barracks region, which was later used for training radioteletype operators.

With the advent of the Korean conflict, the Military Police trained for combat assignments. During that time, on March 21, 1956, Camp Gordon became a permanent Army Installation and was redesignated Fort Gordon.

MPs continued to be trained during Vietnam and, by 1960, Fort Gordon’s MP School had expanded, producing enough graduates to fulfill theatre unit needs. But to conserve finances, theater commanders had determined the school to be redundant and were prepared to close it.

The school, however, remained open, offering MP trainees a single class entitled “Physical Security.” The class was designed to provide Special Weapons depots with NCO and Military Police officer trained security.

On July 11, 1975, the MP School was moved to Fort McClellan, Alabama.

Since then, and due to the increasing need of cyber technology and intelligence, the U.S. Army has consolidated the Army Cyber Command to Fort Gordon. And in March of 2014 Fort Gordon was designated as the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence.


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