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MWR Star - Jamie Petrino

Written by Jasmine Franklin on March 8, 2021.


MWR Star is an initiative to recognize exemplary employees in MWR. People who go above and beyond to assist MWR customers and their co-workers. One individual is chosen monthly to be featured as our star, spotlighting details about themselves and their position within MWR.



1.       How long have you worked for MWR? 

I have worked for MWR since November 2019


2.       What do you do for MWR?

I am an Operations Assistant at Gordon’s Conference and Catering


3.       Where are you from?

 I have been a military dependent my whole life. My home is Atlanta, Ga, where my parents retired and reside.


3.       What do you enjoy doing in your off time?

 I have many hats during my off time.  I enjoy being a mother to my two boys, Christian and Camren. We love watching movies, going to the park, making pancakes from scratch and I have my own business outside of MWR.


4.       What are some words of wisdom that you would like to share? 

How you choose to show up magnetizes what shows up for you.


5.       What do you enjoy about working for MWR? 

I absolutely enjoy working with the MWR family for the atmosphere they have created to serve our community, soldiers and families.


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