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Hours of Operation

Monday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Tuesday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (4:30 - 5 p.m. by Appointment Only)
Wednesday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Thursday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (4:30 - 5 p.m. by Appointment Only)
Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Saturday Closed
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Parent and Outreach Services (P&OS) is the umbrella program for a multitude of patron services, including the Parent Central services Office, Kids-on-Site Care, Volunteer Child Care in Unit Setting (VCCUS), Special Needs Accommodation Process (SNAP), CYS Services Parents' Advisory Council (PAC), Parent Education, Special Facility Openings, CYS Referral Services, Short Term Alternative Child Care (STACC), Special Interest Programs and Parents-as-Teachers/Heroes-at-Home (PAT-HAH) Educators.


Parent and Outreach Services is the gateway that connects Families to CYS programs. Its mission is to support Readiness and Well-Being of Families by helping to balance military mission requirements and parental responsibilities.

* Baseline programs:

  • Parent Central Services (formerly Central Enrollment)

  • Kids at Home

  • Parents on Site

  • Kids on Site!

  • School of Knowledge, Inspiration, Exploration, and Skills (SKIESUnlimited)

  • CYSitters

  • Parent Liaison Services

  • Community Liaison Services 

* Not all programs are offered at every garrison. Please check with your local CYS office to verify availability of programs.

CYS Registration

Documents needed to register for CYS are:

  • Proof of eligibility (Military or Civilian ID Card, Legal Documentation of Guardianship)
  • Children/youth eligible to use CYS services are those under the legal guardianship of active duty military personnel, Appropriate Fund (APF) and Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF), Department of Defense (DoD) civilians, reservist on active duty, or during inactive personnel training, and DoD contractors.
  • Proof of immunizations (children/youth up to age 5)
  • LES (Leave and Earnings Statement) or pay voucher for both Parents (for full-time child care; before and after-school care and/or camps)
  • The names and phone numbers of at least two emergency contacts (one must be in the Chain of Command, a local contact and able to pick up in an emergency). 3 emergency contacts must be on file within 30 days of registration.

At the time of your registration you will be asked to complete with signature:

  • USDA CACFP Enrollment Form
  • Health Tool #1

Within 30 days of registration you will need to bring to Central Registration or your CYS Facility:

  • Health Assessment / Sport Physical Form
  • Health Assessments can be updated at re-registration for a total of 3 years. The Sport Physical must be completed annually and turned in at the time of registration for sports. 
  • Single and Dual Military must have a Family Care Plan: 
    • Army DA Form 5304-R & 5305-R
    • Navy 1740-6
    • Air Force Form 357

For re-registration, please bring updated shot records, current LES and/or pay stubs, review the Health Assessment, new signatures required on Special Needs Form (if applicable), USDA and DoD Fee form.

P&OS centralizes the coordination of child care services within the local community and offers several programs. Registered patrons are encouraged to take advantage of Parent's Night Out (PNO) on the 2nd Friday of each month. Additionally, Outreach Services is honored to help support our Military families by providing childcare for events and special activities.

Parent Orientation

Parent Central Services schedules appointments to acquaint parents with their child's program. These sessions are an important part of the enrollment process and are offered at times convenient to parents. Orientation highlights include:

  • Facility tour
  • Orientation of our programs
  • Review of rules of conduct and procedures
  • Opportunity to meet staff and care providers
  • Complete required forms
  • Parent participation
Children with Special Medical Needs

Multi-Disciplinary Inclusion Action Team (MIAT) Process

The MIAT explores Installation child care and youth supervision options for children and youth with medical diagnoses that reflect life-threatening conditions, functional limitations and diagnosed behavioral/psychological conditions. The MIAT recommends child care and youth placement. It also determines reasonable accommodations and availability of services to support a child/youth’s special needs. “Inclusion” is an attitude and a philosophy that welcomes and supports all children, with the goal of facilitating and maximizing participation in CYS child care, youth supervision and educational programs. 

The MIAT is comprised of the Parent(s), CYS Coordinator, Outreach Services Director,  APHN, and EFMP Program Manager as chair.

Additional augmentees as identified or recommended. 

Parent Participation

Parent Advisory Council

The Parent Advisory Board is chaired by a parent, meets quarterly, and provides an opportunity for parents to meet and discuss ways to enhance Child and Youth Programs. The board, with the advice of the program staff are responsible for developing and overseeing the implementation of the Parent Participation Program. 

The Board coordinates the Parent Participation Program with the CYS staff to ensure that parents are involved in CYS planning and evaluation.

The Parent Participation Program is a planned group of activities and projects established by the Parent Board to encourage parents to volunteer in CYS, including special events and activities (such as field trips, holiday events, and special curriculum programs), small group activities, special projects (such as playground improvement, procurement of equipment, and administrative aid). The Parent Participation Program allows for a fee reduction on child care for parent participation.

Parent Education

Parent education offers resources to help parents and staff increase their ability and confidence for raising healthy children. A variety of parental education classes are offered to enhance parenting skills.

Additional parent education resources are available:

Visit your local Army Community Service.

Army OneSource 

Military One Source

Parent Center Hub


Enrichment Programs

Kids On Site!  KOS provides short-term hourly child care to parents attending on-post meetings or functions in the same or adjacent building.

KOS supports Army Families through Deployment Support by providing assistance for the Army Chaplain's Strong Bond Program and other special events child care. CYS can provide child care support to Strong Bonds events if additional staff is available.

CYSitters offersformal training for teens from adults who provide short term hourly child care for families in their own homes. The training covers the skills needed to safely and appropriately care for children and includes First Aid and CPR, program activities, and the “business” of babysitting. Upon completion of the training CYSitters may be included in the CYS ’babysitter referral' list/website. 

Parents who need babysitters must complete a request form that is available at Parent Central Services. Parents make arrangements and negotiate fees directly with the babysitter for child care services. Stop by or call Parent Central Services for additional information.

Parents on Site offers support services for the operation and management of parent co-ops that exchange babysitting services, infant/toddler playgroups, short-term care in unit settings by Family members in another unit or organization.

Volunteer Childcare in Unit Setting (VCCUS) is an additional volunteer-based childcare program that allows for on-site care during meetings and events organized by military units, Army Community Service (ACS) groups or Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation. Through VCCUS, Parent & Outreach Services will provide training to volunteers from the military unit or organization. The program enables the exchange of free and temporary childcare services during unit sessions when child development center services are not available. Parents and guardians of children in VCCUS must be attending the same function and remain at the site while their child is under volunteer care.

Kids At Home offers non-traditional outreach services to support families with children/youth whose primary care/educational setting is in their own home. The programs offer “imAlone”classes and support for enrolled children (11-15 years) whose parents have determined that they can be home alone during out-of-school hours. Home School Services provides for the use of CYS Services tech labs, multipurpose rooms, homework centers, instructional programs for educational purposes during school hours (when facilities are not in use) by children and youth who are home schooled.

School of Knowledge, Inspiration, Exploration and Skills (SKIESUnlimited) offers a range of out-of-school classes such as music, dance, martial arts, gymnastics, technology, life skills, and SAT prep and athletic experiences. All classes are provided by CYS employees and contract instructors in a variety of settings. All participants in SKIESUnlimited classes will be registered for CYS in the Child Youth Management System (CYMS). Classes are available for each age group with opportunities for advancement from beginners, intermediate and on to advance levels. Parents must remain on site during SKIESUnlimited classes.

PCS'ing and Relocating

Transition of Child Records

Parent Central Services provides Army-wide transition assistance such as Global Data Transfer (GDT) of child records and accepts projected registrations for continued services. The system is designed to streamline the relocation process for military and civilian families. Standard data elements (such as names, birthdates, child health records, etc.) should follow each Family to their new duty assignments and make the local CYS registration procedure faster and easier.

Importing and exporting data for relocating families is part of the regular CYS in-and out-processing protocol.

Frequently Asked Questions

* What services does CYS provide?

  • Full-day child care
  • Part-day preschool
  • Sports
  • Kids on Site
  • Seasonal Camps            
  • SKIESUnlimited   
  • Open recreation for teens
  • Hourly care
  • Strong Beginnings Pre-K program
  • Recreational classes
  • Before/after-school programs

 * Not all programs are offered at every garrison. Please check with your local CYS office to verify availability of programs.

2. What can be provided as proof of eligibility?

Any of the following is an acceptable form for proof of eligibility. If the sponsor is the biological parent they may present a birth certificate. In addition, DEERS enrollment, a child’s ID card that proves legal guardianship and passports are acceptable documents.

3. Who should I contact if I have questions or concerns?

You may stop by Parent Central Services for personal assistance or make inquiries by email or phone. A CYS administrative assistant will be happy to help you schedule an appointment at Parent Central Services.

4. Where can I register?

Visit Parent Central Services  

5. What do I need to register?

  • Government ID
  • Contact information
  • Two emergency contacts
  • Immunization Documentation (School Age Care children are not required to provide documentation if they are enrolled in a local public school system where proof of currency of vaccination is required.)
  • Deployment orders (if applicable)
  • For on-base child care, an LES/pay voucher, student letter, or seeking employment verification.

6. What full-day or before/after-school child care is available?

We offer three viable child care options

1. Family Child Care Providers

2. On-base child care centers

3. Off-base child centers and homes

  • Military Child Care in Your Neighborhood (MCCYN)
  • Operation Military Child Care (OMCC)

7. Will I get a Wait List number or an indication of how long will it be?

Your number won’t be provided because it’s not an accurate reflection of the time remaining. Every situation is dependent on a variety of factors such as individual priorities, PCS notices and pending renovation projects.

8. How often must I register and why?

Registration must be completed annually. When you complete the annual registration, your child can participate in a wide variety of accredited programs and activities.  The Department of Defense requires children's records to be updated annually or as needed for their health, safety, or well-being.

9. When does my child need a sports physical?

Sports physicals are required annually and must be valid through the sports season.They are required for seasonal competitive sports: baseball, basketball, cheerleading, flag football, soccer, track and field, etc., as well as the youth fitness program.

10. How often do I need to complete a health assessment for my child?

The health assessment is required 30 days from the date of registration. The health assessment is due every three years unless there are changes in your child’s medical condition before then.

11. Are immunizations required to register?

Yes.  Documentation that children have been fully immunized is required to enroll into Child Development Program.  School Age Care children are not required to provide documentation if they are enrolled in a local public school system where proof of currency of vaccination is required.  

12. What if my child needs special accommodations?

A special need is any medical condition and/or allergies identified and annotated by a doctor. It is identified through the completion of a health screening tool during registration. Every child will receive a recommended care plan based on the information presented from the Multi-disciplinary Inclusion Action Team. 

13. Are there exceptions to fees based on total family income for special circumstances?

Yes. Commanders have the authority to grant hardship waivers and must consider the balance of Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF) income and appropriated fund support as they approve waivers. Approved fees must be within fee categories.

14. Are there discounts for multiple children from the same family?

Installation Commanders may authorize up to 20% reduction of fees for additional children of the same family with the exception of contractor employees in Category 9, who do not receive child care fee assistance.

15. * What is available to me if I am retired?

Sports and SKIESUnlimited classes All other services are deemed Child Care. Retirees are allowed to use services on a space available basis and when there are no other eligible users on the Wait List.

16. What types of programs and activities are offered for middle school students and teens?

  • Leadership activities
  • Girls & Guy talk
  • Sports clubs
  • How-to projects
  • Power Hours
  • Technology
  • Leisure activities and special events

17. What does the School Support Services Office do?

The School Liaison Officer works in conjunction with the CYS Division and the local school community to address educational issues involving military children. Through partnering with the local and military community, the School Liaison Officer acts as a communication link between the installation and the surrounding school districts. 

 * Not all programs are offered at every garrison. Please check with your local CYS office to verify availability of programs.