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Directorate Level Softball Coaches Meeting


Hey batter, batter, batter. Swing!

The Softball Program is based upon company level competition. Individual registration will be accepted from members of units/directorates that do not have an organized team and will be placed on a team by the Sport’s Office. 

Season is September through November.


Battalions need to complete the below by September 15th in order to participate:

(1) Submit a Memorandum of Intent to participate to the Sport's Office (Bldg. 24501).

(2) Notify the Sport’s Office in your Memorandum of Intent of known dates and daily times the Battalion will not be available for competition due to military training, exercises, change of command, etc.

(3) Ensure the coach or a designated representative attends the coach’s organization meeting at Bldg. 24501, 1pm, on September 15th. Prior to scheduling of practice times, attendance of coach/or representative at the organization meeting is required.


For questions, please call the Sport’s Office at +1 (706)831-6536.


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