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Accepted Items

Items Accepted
Cardboard Corrugated Boxes, Cereal Boxes, Pasteboard, Packing Paper. Please remove all Styrofoam, packing peanuts, nylon strapping, plastic bags, etc.
White Office Paper Place in container marked white paper only. No envelopes, plastic, carbon paper, color paper, tissue, napkins, cardboard or shredded
Color Office Paper This includes carbonless paper, manila folders, envelopes, shredded paper (must be bagged).
Shredded Paper Strip shredded ONLY –
Aluminum Cans Foil, Roaster/Pie Pans.
All Metals steel, brass, copper, aluminum.
Pallets Wood, in serviceable condition, standard size, metal or plastic.
Batteries Lead/acid only.


Items Not Accepted
Styrofoam In any form.
Glass Mirrors, light bulbs, ceramics, fluorescent lights, automobile, windows, or any sheet glass.
Carbon paper In any form.
Tires Of any kind.
Appliances Microwaves or TVs.
Oil All, used or unused.
Textiles Carpet or rugs.
Yard Waste Please contact DPW for proper disposal.
Hazardous Materials Please call your HAZMAT Coordinator.
Batteries Dry cell, mercury, alkaline, etc.
Newspaper Of any kind.
Books Including Magazines, Telephone Books, Technical Manuals & Field Manuals
Plastic In any form.