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Shooting Range

At this time 6.0 Cr and 6.5 Cr cannot be fired at Tactical Advantage Sportsman's Complex Range 14. We are working to resolve this issue.


Recreational Shooting

Tactical Advantage Sportsman's Complex, Range 14 is open for Recreational Shooting every Wednesday through Saturday (See hours on the sidebar of this page). The range is open for zeroing firearms, sport shooting, pistol, rifle and black powder shooting. The cost for shooting is $12 per day, per person, Fort Gordon Sportsman's Club Members shoot for $6, and youth under the age of 16 shoot for $2.

NOTE: Firearms can legally be brought onto the installation for the purpose of hunting or firing at the approved firing range, and only for the period of time the person possessing the firearm is hunting or firing on the range.

Anyone wishing to bring a firearm onto Fort Gordon must have an approved FG Form 9243-R-E (Personal Firearms and Weapons Registration Form):

FG Form 9243-R-E

Skeet and Trap

Fort Gordon Outdoor Recreation offers two lighted skeet and trap fields during regular business hours. Group reservations are available by appointment.

Skeet and Trap Fees: $9 per round (25 shots)

Shotgun Rental: $5 plus the cost of shells

Sporting Clays

Fort Gordon Outdoor Recreation is proud to offer a 10 Station/20 position Sporting Clays course.

Sporting Clays Fees: $25 per round (50 shots)

Shotgun Rental: $5 plus the cost of shells

As of 1 May 2019, sporting clays will be by reservation. Please call during normal operational hours to make a reservation at least two days in advance.